Committee Bios

2016-2017 WSOA Committee 

Lydia Sheffield
Lydia SheffieldCommittee President
Second Year MAcc, Professional Stem
Hometown: Highland, UT/Chicago, IL 
Career Goals:
CEO of a small company  or a consultant
I love running, playing tennis, trying new food, and visiting big cities. 

Claire Goodwin: Co-Committee President
First Year MAcc, Tax Stem
Hometown: Rexburg, Idaho 
Full-Time Offer: 
Tanner LLC — Salt Lake City Office
Volleyball, Tennis, Half-Marathons, Spanish, Nature, Learning! 
Contact:, LinkedIn: Claire Goodwin

sarah fiala
Sarah Fiala 
Second Year MAcc, Tax Stem
Hometown: Murray, UT
Full-Time Offer: EY Tax — Salt Lake City Office
Career Goals: Small Business Owner/Mom
Interests: I love to travel, read Agatha Christie novels, and eat Chipotle with my husband.

Lauren Harris 
Second Year MAcc, Tax Stem
Hometown: Houston, TX
Full-Time Offer: Deloitte Tax Management Consulting — Houston Office
Career Goals: Small Business Owner/Mom/Work with a Nonprofit
Interests: Traveling, hiking, reading, watching movies, trying new foods.

Sarah Jenson Williams 
Senior, B.S. Accounting
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Previous Internship: Cottonwood Residential
Post-Graduation Goals: MBA School
Interests: I love snow skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, horseback riding, playing tennis, and traveling.

Brittan Herndon 

Second Year MAcc, Tax Stem
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Full-Time Offer: EY Tax — Irvine, CA Office
Career Goals: Non-profit founder, teacher, mother
Interests: I love snowboarding, soccer, being outdoors, music, taking pictures with my camera, and reading good books.

Lisa Rawle   
First Year MAcc, Professional Stem
Hometown: Spanish Fork, UT
Career Goals: Find a job where I can wear sandals to work, and only work part time so I can read and go hiking the rest of the day!
Interests: Being outdoors! I love hiking, mountain and road biking, backpacking, looking at the nature, eating Costco samples, and reading

Alexia Jentgen   

First Year MAcc, Professional Stem
Hometown: Vacaville, CA
Full-Time Offer: Deloitte Audit — San Jose Office
Career Goals: CFO
Interests: I love running, dancing, gelato, and Disneyland.

Angel Bird
Second Year MAcc, Professional Stem
Hometown: Goa, India
Full-Time Offer: EY Assurance – Austin,TX Office
Interests: I love to travel, especially if it’s to a beach. I also like to try out new recipes, explore nature, and go on road trips!

Ainsley Johnson  
First Year MAcc, Tax Stem
Hometown: Burley, ID
Career Goals: Ability to work from home/ Mom
Interests: Hiking, Skiing, Cooking, Running, Biking

Cheyenne Larimer  
Junior Core
Hometown: Lucas, Texas
Career Goals: Full-time mother, volunteer math tutor for disadvantaged students, adjunct professor at a community college
Interests: Choir, running, mathematics, tutoring, and anything related to education!

McKenzie Rowley
Junior Core
Hometown: Sherwood, OR
Career Goals: Start a non-profit with a focus on education of people in poverty
Interests: I love going on outdoor adventures: hiking, wake-boarding, camping, slack-lining, traveling, rappelling. The only things I don’t like about the outdoors are the cold and the snow. I also enjoy watching BYU and Bronco football with my husband and dancing.

Bethany Ritchie
Bethany Ritchie
First Year MAcc, Tax Stem 
Hometown: Gardnerville, NV
Past Internship: Summer Forensic Audit Internship with the Office of the Utah State Auditor
Career Goals: Forensic Auditor Analyst and Consultant/Mother
Interests: My favorite thing in the world is slalom water skiing behind a boat on a beautiful lake. Although I fail at almost everything I try from Pinterest, I still love to try all of the yummy recipes and attempt the cute craft ideas.

Kamri Call
Junior Core
Hometown: Sammamish, WA
Interests: Volleyball, Hiking, Reading